Friday, November 18, 2011

Sick joke? Neo-Nazi propaganda found in Mangowood

Outrageous.  Palmetto Bay resident/Channel 4 reporter/personality Gary Nelson, reports that residents in the Mangowood neighborhood of Palmetto Bay woke up Wednesday to find flyers in their driveways featuring a swastika, men in Nazi uniforms, and websites promoting a neo-Nazi group.

Click the headline to read/view the entire online CBS Miami story, Neo-Nazi Paraphernalia Litter Palmetto Bay Neighborhood, posted Nov 18, 2011.

This is not what our Palmetto Bay community is about.   


  1. Gene,

    Again, where was our transparent mayor Shelley Stanczk for this story? It would have been appropriate for her to comment on air. It is starting to look like she does not care how the community looks in the media so long as she can keep on kissing babies and cutting ribbons. mayor Stanczk continues to hide like a coward when the there is a threat of bad publicity. She clearly can't take any heat.

    I appears that it would be too much for Vice Mayor Pariser to come out in her absence. We are sure he is hiding under the same bed with her.

    The insider

  2. Sick, sick, sick, I found one near my drain and removed another the next day from my neighbor's yard. I'd like to catch those who did this.

  3. This needs to be stopped. Anyone remember the Nazi swastikas that defaced Palmer? This appears not to be a one time event.