Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Palmetto Bay sees an uptick in property crimes

See Channel four online for Gary Nelson's, (a Palmetto Bay resident), 11/14/2011, report that Palmetto Bay has seen 165 burglaries so far this year, an increase of 40 percent over last year.

“We are experiencing an uptick in burglaries, as are most communities,” said Village spokesman Bill Kress.  “While we have had more than 160 so far this year, when you compare it to some comparably-sized towns, they may have that many in a month.

CLICK HERE to view the online report - Palmetto Bay Sees An Uptick In Residential Burglaries

As reported: The burglars typically ring the doorbell, knock on the front door, and if no one answers go around back and break in.

Palmetto Bay is increasing neighborhood patrols and conducting community awareness programs, urging residents to stay alert to what’s going on their block. 

Started under the original village council, the Village Policing unit remains committed to neighborhood policing programs and I continue to ask that you and your neighbors participate in a neighborhood crime watch. 

CLICK HERE to view the relevant police page with information on how to join a neighborhood Crime Watch group -- or to start one -- in your neighborhood.  You can e-mail Officer Pete Judge with the Village of Palmetto Bay Policing Unit or by calling 305-259-1270 (M-F, 9-5). You may also contact the Crime Watch organization directly.


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  2. Gene,

    Where was our transparent mayor Shelley Stanczk for the story? Inside rumor is that she disappeared when the call from channel 4 came into the municipal center looking for her to comment. It would have been appropriate for her to comment on air. It is more than transparent that she will run her own council members over to cut a ribbon, but she hides like a coward when the there is a threat of bad publicity. She can't take the heat. It wasn't even a harsh story.

    The insider

  3. What is current mayor Shelley Stanczk doing about the crime situation?

  4. You used to send out crime alerts in your e-mails. Palmetto Bay should continue your efforts.