Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pinecrest action that affects you. Want to comment on your power bill charges? PSC to Consider Approval of Early Cost Recovery Fees for Construction of Nuclear Facilities

PSC to Consider Approval of Early Cost Recovery Fees for Construction of Nuclear Facilities

$1,079,000,000! ONE BILLION AND SEVENTY-NINE MILLION DOLLARS. That is how much the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) may allow Florida Power & Light and Progress Energy Florida to spend toward nuclear power plants, power lines in the Everglades and transmission lines on US 1 in Pinecrest under a process known as Early Cost Recovery. The hearing is scheduled for October 24, 2011.

FPL is collecting monies now from you for a project they have not yet had approved nor have guaranteed to build.

The Pinecrest Village Council recently passed a resolution urging the PSC to deny this request. An effort is also being coordinated by Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, Inc. (CASE) - please visit their web site at for more information.

You can send a letter to the PSC expressing your opinion. Click here for information on how to send a message to the PSC prior to the October 24th meeting.

Florida Today Article

Now is the time to comment if you have any concerns about how much you pay on your power bill.  Don't live in Pinecrest?  This action affects you as well.  What is your local government doing to protect what you pay on your power bill?


  1. Palmetto Bay used to be involved in these types of issues. Why have you dropped out?

  2. I certainly have not dropped out. It is up to the current Palmetto Bay council to decide if they want to get engaged in the issues that affect our communities. They have not participated to this point. I would encourage you to stir them to action.

  3. Did FPL contribute to the campaigns of any of village council?