Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is Bird Watching the new hit? No need to travel far for Miami -Dade County Residents

David Yarnold of the National Audubon Society penned the article How Hollywood will make birding cool (click the headline to review the complete article). The article is discussion piece of how the movie/story "The Big Year."  As stated by Mr. Yarnold, "The Big Year" is about three guys competing to see the most bird species in one year. To be sure, they're to birding what ultra-marathoners are to jogging. But from start to finish, the movie is about birds and the people who love to look at them.

Read the article.  Again, as Mr. Yarnold points out, “Even if you're not a birder, you're probably a lot more into birds than you know.

So how many of you are there are birdwatchers?  There are many varieties of enthusiasts.  Mr. Yarnold appears to be a top flight birdwatcher, the type who travels the glob to see all there is to see in nature.  For those more local, The Miami Herald followed up this article on October 20, 2011, with the feature entitled The Florida Big Week, In a state that’s a major stop on birds’ fallmigration route, here’s a guide for spotting some of the 485 species thatFlorida claims, by Chelle Koster Walton, Special to The Miami Herald.

Ms. Walton’s article is your state vacation guide and planner for anyone more local in bird watching. As the article points out, Florida holds some of the nation’s top birding refuges and parks. Florida claims 485 species of birds, many of them rare in the United States, because of our range of climates and the state’s positioning. Birders the world over have flocked to the state since the days of John James Audubon (1785-1851) and before.

Care to view some more local resources?  Check out Miami-Dade County’s own Tropical Audubon Society (TAS).  CLICK HERE to go directly to the TAS Bird Page.  There is a wealth of information on a listing of birding opportunities in Miami-Dade County, specifically where you are most likely to locate the specific birds listed on the site locations (CLICK HERE to view).

Some of us have never considered traveling specific to bird watching.  I will follow up this post in the near future with photos and information regarding the local birds that venture into our family’s suburban neighborhood.  Feel free to share what you have seen in your areas as well.

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