Friday, April 5, 2019

Update on Freebee / Request for Information (not a bid) for the Ride Sharing Services requested by the Village

Village Hall was closed yesterday due to the severe act of vandalism to the building. The business of government must continue and that includes dealing with a RFI request that was scheduled to close yesterday (Thursday, April 4, 2019) at 3:00 PM.  


I have inquired as to what happened with the Request for Information (not a bid) for the Ride Sharing Services. I will update as to any response I receive.  Specifically, I put in my request for an update on pending RFI# 1819-11-009 - Ride Sharing Services. The Response opening was set for 3:00 PM, Thursday, April 4, 2019, but Village Hall was closed due to the vandalism. My inquiry was as to when the Responses (if any) were being opened today, a later date (and if so, when) or if the deadline for RFI submission was being extended due to unexpected circumstances that may have prevented a last-minute, but timely bid, being submitted. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - this is not pending request for bids to score and select an actual service provider.  See below. This is a non-binding request for information. The Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida seeks information for ride sharing services. 

Please NOTE that the request is not a commitment on the part of the Village - it is intended solely to gain information from companies providing ride sharing services. 

The Responses were due on Thursday, April 4, 3:00 PM, unless the deadline was extended due to the village hall closure. I am waiting to hear back.

No. 1819-11-009

CLICK HERE to view the Request for Information Document ( Pages).

Is this Request for Information simply a vehicle to provide more delay? Does the village expect a sudden out of state bidder or new upstart to come out and solicit a new type ride sharing service? Look around - who is serving our sister cities. Again, this is not a bid, this is a simply a non-binding Request for Information - not required to hire a service and not required as a precursor (nor is it a substitute) for a bid to provide services. Finally, as specifically stated on the request - this is NOT a commitment on the part of the Village. This is merely intended to gain information from companies providing ride sharing services (who actually take the time to submit the required information in the required form). 

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