Monday, July 23, 2018

Tyler Benjamin - close to completing his Eagle Scout Project - look for the worn flag drop off boxes at Coral Reef Park and Ludovici Park

It is hard work to earn Eagle Scout and Tyler Benjamin is getting close.  He has been working on his project.  You can see his project at both Coral Reef Park and Ludovici Park outside the entrance to the library. The project is nearly completed.  The formal opening/dedication will take place in September after school is back in session

Tyler created a GoFundMe page for his project: The fundraising is needed to raise the funds to purchase the metal boxes and other materials that are needed to permanently install the boxes.
Tyler and Troop 314 fundraising as part of Palmetto Bay's 2018 Camping in the Park & Movie Night
Tyler is working to provide awareness for proper flag etiquette and care through his Eagle Scout Project. Tyler and those part two American flag drop off boxes at the Coral Reef Park and Ludovici Park locations so that people can bring in their worn flags. The worn flags will be collected regularly, for the purpose of conducting public flag retirement ceremonies. (Troop 314 to participate and continue the ritual).  

These photos document the progress as of Sunday, July 22, 2018:
Above - project at Coral Reef Park, box and landscaping installed.
Photos below - work at Ludovici Park, Sunday, July 22, 2018:

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