Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rumor Control Hot Line - Yes, there is a County proposal to increase density along the Transitway. It is not moving forward at this time. It is on our Village Watch List.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a Miami-Dade County proposal.  This is not endorsed or encouraged by any member of the Palmetto Bay Village Council.  This item is on our watch list.  Again, this is a proposal that may be considered by Miami-Dade County.

Click on the photo to view it in an enlarged view.

The Chart lists both PRESENT densities as well as PROPOSED densities in the defined county areas: (And note, both the present and proposed densities are significantly higher than those within the Village of Palmetto Bay):

Core : This is an area defined as existing within a half-mile radius from a Transit Station.

Center : Area that lies within 1/2 mile from the Transitway, irrespective of how far from a Transit Station.

Edge : Areas that are the next 1/2 mile from the center - a total of 1 mile out from the Transitway, irrespective of how far from a Transit Station.

As your mayor, I will continue to monitor and fight any adverse impact to our village, regardless of whether the County tries to preempt our local zoning or simply up zones the surrounding unincorporated area.  Either way, this proposed upzoning will create significant cut through traffic for Palmetto Bay, especially where the transit is insufficient to manage 

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