Friday, January 20, 2017

POD - Miami-Dade County Marine Patrol - patrolling C100 within Palmetto Bay

Thank you to our Village Manager Ed Silva; who continues to work for solutions and to be responsive.  I want to publically thank manager Silva and Palmetto Bay Village Police Commander Major Serralta for positive action moving forward on the concerns of many residents in regard to police patrols for the C100 canal.

Friday, 1/20/2107 - County Marine Patrol was seen working the C100 canal within Palmetto Bay.  This is good news.  Our village commander has obtained at least some enforcement on our canals.  I see this as excellent progress. 
I thank Major Serralta & Manager Silva for working this out.  Here is a photo of our COUNTY Marine Patrol at work within Palmetto Bay municipal boundaries.  Violators beware.  

Feel free to distribute.   
Very truly yours,
Eugene Flinn, Mayor,
Palmetto Bay

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