Saturday, January 14, 2017

Palmetto Bay's Transporation Master Plan(s).

The Village of Palmetto Bay has a Transportation Master Plan

See the INTRODUCTION page, page 1 (Page 3 of the .PDF) for a description of the process, including the public meetings, data collection and the methods and the meetings that took place in developing this document.  

The 2004 Transportation Master Plan is 95 pages - CLICK HERE to view and/or download this document.  

Traffic changes, technology and available resources change. No document remains relevant and up to date forever.  It is up to each and every council to keep this Transportation Master Plan current. 

I am pleased to continue to lead the continuing updates that are required for Palmetto Bay's Transportation Master Plan.  

Note that Palmetto Bay also went further in its master planning through the creation of the Palmetto Bay Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan.  This master plan was initially completed and published in August of 2009.  

A comprehensive review of these documents would aid in understanding the ongoing process as well as providing a benchmark for determining Village success on project completion.

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