Sunday, November 6, 2016

Palmetto Bay / Palmetto HS Color Run 2016 - rain dampened the turnout, but not the spirit of those who attended.

We hope to have dry skies for the 2017 Color Run - the late afternoon rain certainly put a damper on the walk up registrations (and turned more than a few pre-registereds) away.  Another day of colorful fun for those who braved the weather.  And yes, Alex and I were not the only one there who had participated in both running events of Saturday, Nov 5.

A great event. #GetFitPalmettoBay for a great cause. It takes a village!

I am posting a few photos to see what you may have missed.  
(Photos above - Palmetto Bay Council Member Larissa Siegel Lara
and husband Pablo working one of the color stations)
(Above - Palmetto HS PTSA officials at start of race announcements)

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