Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Following up - Palmetto Bay Farmer's Market

Great news -

For all dog lovers - I am following through on our prior discussions - live at the Farmer's Market as well as on various Facebook pages, including - Around Palmetto Bay & Palmetto Bay Leadership thru Transparency - the Village Council will be discussing/implementing a policy regarding dogs at the Farmer's Market at the next Village Council meeting. 

Please provide me updates as to your recommendations/concerns on how we allow dogs - some great ideas are temporary dog clean up bags (yes, as opposed to permanent ones). Please provide me other suggestions as well, including more tables (high tops for standing/picnic for sitting) in the market area. Yes, it was a great first day and I look forward to continued growth of the Farmer's Market, both in number of vendors as well as attendees!  So, as requested, how should the Village manage/allow dogs at Palmetto Bay's Farmer's Market.  This will be discussed at our next village council meeting at my request. After all, Dogs [love them (as I do) or dislike them] are a fact of life at all area Farmer's Markets - Pinecrest, South Miami,  A Farmer's Market without Dogs is like a picnic without ants!
Photos from the event:
Video - CLICK HERE to view my official Facebook LIVE video with the founders of Palmetto Bay's Farmer's Market.  Other photographs/videos/reports regarding this event can be accessed on my Mayor Facebook Page, posted for that date.
Please keep your comments and suggestions coming - you can reach me via e-mail at 

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