Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Photos of the Day - good news in our village.

Two examples of good news in our Village.  The first is a village tweet documenting a random act of kindness from our residents expressed to our MDPD/Village Policing Unit.

As indicated in this above screen shot, we thank residents Elizabeth Schmekel & Jennifer Skelton who baked and delivered cookies to our village police.  

We join Elizabeth & Jennifer in thanking our officers.  Good deeds.

The second photo (below) is a welcomed sign of increased fire safety soon to located at the temporary fire station to be opened at 142 and Old Cutler Road (immediately adjacent to the planned permanent station 62). 
Good deeds, good things are going on all around us.  Thank you to those who are working hard to bring forward good deeds/good results.'

Keeping it positive!  Thank you,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Village of Palmetto Bay

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