Friday, July 15, 2016

Is your life, or the life of a friend or loved one more important than poltics? I think so - here are the facts.

Sometime politics goes too far.  While there are some in our community that we expect no better than to continue to yell fire in a crowded movie house, we, as your elected officials, must conform to a higher standard.

Life-safety is one of the most important services provided by government.  The safety of the community is not to be trifled with.  It should be off the table for elections (unless the campaign is to INCREASE life-safety).  I would be less than candid if I failed to disclose that I am most put off by the ongoing politicization of location of fire service.

So here are some facts - facts in the form of two response time maps - prepared by MDFR, not Palmetto Bay.  These maps are #1 Response time without Station No. 62 and #2 Response Time WITH Station 62.
I am always available to discuses your concerns. For now, please review the response time and think about what it would be like to have a life-threatening emergency and be located in an area with response time >= 8:00 Minutes.  And note - that the times posted above are the AVERAGE times.

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  1. My house is on a light blue square in both maps. There is no legend for light blue, only light green. ???