Monday, June 13, 2016

Critical proposed changes to the Charter - full hearing to occur at a special council meeting June 15, 7 PM

Click here to view the full recommendations from the Charter Review Commission (7 pages).   It is important to note that none of these recommendations have been considered by the full council.  To date, only the Vice Mayor (who was a member of this Charter Review Commission), has considered and participated in these recommendations.   

The Village Council will consider and then accept, reject or move forward amended recommendations to the vote of the village electorate.  It is you, the voters, who will make the final decision. 

Changes to the charter should not be taken lightly.  That is why I moved the presentation of these recommended ballot issues to a special council meeting, where they can receive the attention that each deserves.  

I ask that everyone take the time to review our Village Charter.  The Charter is our constitution.  

I have a record of questioning charter changes - read a November 2nd, 2012, post on charter changes that were proposed in our past (2012) (CLICK HERE).
The Charter Revision Commission will be presenting the proposed Charter Revisions to the Village Council during this Special Council Meeting , June 15th at 7pm at Village Hall. 

Please review and provide your feedback. You can attend and participate in this meeting and/or provide your comments to me at  You can also reach the entire village council through a single e-mail:  

As always, I am also available by phone - (305) 302-3713

Thank you.  This is your community and it is made better through your participation.

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Village of Palmetto Bay

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