Friday, June 17, 2016

Congrats to Palmetto Bay's Larissa Siegel Lara. EYE ON MIAMI: Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner:...

EYE ON MIAMI: Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner:...: 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner I can't even remember if I held a contest in 2015 but past winners include Christine Fraga, Osca...

Eye on Miami 2016 Political Beauty Contest Winner: Councilwoman Lara Siegel of Palmetto Bay. By Geniusofdespair -

This is not to be taken lightly.  The bloggers at Eye On Miami are very critical and they never are shy about calling people out.  This Eye On Miami post represents an outstanding positive mention concerning one of the hardest working members of our village Council. 

Council Member Siegel Lara is currently hard at work with staff completing our Palmetto Bay updated Strategic Plan.  The final presentation will be at the July 11 council meeting.  Council Member Siegel Lara has an outstanding eye for detail and always comes to meetings well-prepared. She is a strong advocate for public participation, particularly as to our village parks.  She has been one of my most important partners in regard to transportation initiatives, including traffic calming efforts. 

As Eye On Miami notes:
I picked Larissa (Siegel Lara) with great thought, not basing it just on her exceptional beauty. I watched this video and I was impressed with her intellect and poise. I met her briefly at County Commissioner Xavier Suarez's fundraising gala and remember she was well appointed dress-wise - very elegant in a demure way.
Click the link above, or CLICK HERE to view the entire Eye On Miami post. 

Congratulations Larissa, it is my honor to serve along side you.

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