Saturday, March 12, 2016

Palmetto Bay Village Center – TDR – what is in it for us? Plenty. Don’t let this opportunity for preservation and park land slip by!

This land could official become part of the Palmetto Bay Parks system - restored, protected and available to be enjoyed!  We ask your support. Note that I have extended an official invitation to the officers and members of the Palmetto Bay Garden Club.  I want to demonstrate what we can accomplish when we work together.   

(Saturday, March 12, 2016) I was honored to lead the first of what I hope to be many tours of the Palmetto Bay Village Center (PBVC) to demonstrate the potential as well as the importance of transferring ownership of portions of the PBVC from private ownership to control (ownership) by the residents of Palmetto Bay. 

The pictures posted below tell part of the story of what we found there and demonstrate the importance of taking ownership - and preventing this land (the area NOT in blue) from EVER being developed.

To be clear - the photo to the right shows the portions that we would NOT be taking over - the blue defined area remains develop able land - as it is now.  The green areas will remain green - green, undeveloped open space.  Areas that become the responsibility of Palmetto Bay.  Our land - to be restored in parts, protected in all and available without question for the residents of Palmetto Bay. 
This was the first tour - we reviewed the various native and invasives located on the property.  Pines, silver palm, coontie, poisonwood, poison ivy, oaks, palmetto, mangrove.  So many species are located on site. 

(Above) Too funny - and the dedication to the environment shows.  It was hard to keep certain people from jumping in to pick up some garbage she spotted and insisted must be removed.  Love that spirit.  Of course, I had to jump in and stake a claim to this land I want to see become park of our Palmetto Bay protected preserve.

(Below) - the lagoon remains part of the PBVC corporate ownership [where there are presently two crocodiles residing - some of the numerous pines poke out from the general tree canopy along Old Cutler (seen from the internal drive of the PBVC)].
COMING SOON - the "How" on how we intend on taking ownership of this sensitive land.


  1. Stunning. We must have.

  2. I want a tour.

    1. OK, I need your information. Contact me either via e-mail at or my cell: (305) 302-3713. We will set it up. And please leave me your contact information.

  3. Is this land already protected by VPB zoning?

  4. Does VPB zoning protect this property?