Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Do the Right Thing of Miami, Inc. (DTRT) has a $6,000 scholarship opportunity for those (and ONLY those) planning on attending the Miami Police Academy.

The deadline to submit the scholarship application is April 15, 2016.  

Note that the Village of Palmetto Bay is a municipal sponsor of DTRT.

WHAT: The Senior Police Executive Angel Calzadilla/Do The Right Thing Police Memorial Scholarship

WHO QUALIFIES: Open to all Miami-Dade County high school seniors who want to pursue a career in law enforcement. The scholarship award is $6,000 and is applied towards tuition to attend the Miami Police Academy in downtown Miami.

HOW DO YOU APPLY:  Contact me and I can forward the e-mail with the application, but you may be better served by contacting Jodi Atkison, Executive Director, Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc., c/o City of Miami Police Department
400 NW 2nd Avenue, Room 201-J
Miami, FL 33128
Phone: 305-579-3344 Fax: 305-350-7919  
Website: www.dotherightthinginc.org
Facebook: Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc.

The Sr. Police Executive Angel Calzadilla/DTRT Police Memorial Scholarship application is also available online on the DTRT website along with the application info sheet. To obtain a copy of the application and info sheet, log on to http://dotherightthinginc.org/scholarship/

Please call Jodi Atkison, Executive Director, DTRT, directly if you have any questions about the scholarship: 305-579-3344.

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