Wednesday, November 26, 2014

THANK YOU PALMETTO BAY! 2014 run off election results

I will have more to say in the near future, but for now I simply want to express my deep and sincere appreciation to my fellow Palmetto Bay residents.

Miami Herald coverage:
Palmetto Bay’s Flinn wins back his mayoral seat in runoff

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Palmetto Bay’s founding mayor, Eugene Flinn, has reclaimed his old seat, handily beating incumbent Shelley Stanczyk — his successor — in Tuesday’s runoff election.

And in the race for District 3, which represents the southern part of the village, political newcomer Larissa Siegel Lara beat veteran village activist Henry Clifford by a small margin.

“It's a very emotional night for me,’’ said Flinn, 52. “I'm just so pleased; I just want to look forward at this point.’’

Flinn, who was mayor from 2002 to 2010, took in 2,883 votes to Stanczyk’s 1,498. Siegel Lara garnered 2,278 votes to Clifford’s 2,035.

From the start, Stanczyk, 65, who has been on the dais since 2006 and mayor since 2010, faced a tough bid for reelection. She faced three challengers in the general election, two of whom, including Flinn, made a divided and bickering council during her tenure top campaign issues. Among the most divisive issues: the village’s protracted, expensive and unsuccessful fight against the expansion of Palmer Trinity, a private school in a residential neighborhood.

Outgoing council member Patrick Fiore and retired business executive Peter England, the other mayoral candidates, endorsed Flinn when they failed to make it to the runoff.

As is typical in runoffs, the turnout was low. Of 16,478 registered electors, only 4,415 voted. About half of the votes came in absentee.

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