Saturday, November 22, 2014

PB Checks the record - a true comparison. I am running on my positive record, not misleading attacks.

Be careful what you print and distribute in those nasty attack ads. They may come back to bite you.  Comparing records is one thing, but distortion or falsely claiming credit is quite another.  It is fact check time courtesy of Lola Duffort of the Miami Herald:

Former friends — now foes — Stanczyk and Flinn seek to be elected Palmetto Bay mayor,

Stanczyk’s mailer says it’s his 2008 decision to deny rezoning that lead to the lawsuits – but Flinn points out that she voted “no” along with him then, and continued to do so after he left.

“It’s really funny — you’d think she would be giving me credit for voting with her on that. Instead she wants to blame me, even though she voted the same way,” he said.

The Stanczyk mailer told voters that Flinn left office without getting the village rated – that’s not true, ratings were released in his last year in office. (Emphasis added)

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