Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seen at City Place - West Palm Beach - Photo of the Day

Even progress won't stop invasives. They adapt. I was at City Place in West Palm Beach yesterday (nearby for business), but I did drop my daughter off to shop and then we had lunch together after I completed by mediation.  An interesting sight: a Florida Non-Native - We spied what we believe to be a Green-Legged Curlytail at City Place sunning himself at noontime. It is interesting that we found this little guy as we failed to find was the 150 foot tall buildings, but more on that in a future post.
I will be making a serious report at a later date regarding City Place. This is one of the locations we toured at part of a sustainability tour I participated in during my service as Mayor.  This is one of the visions that the original council and all the members/participants of the original PBay downtown charrette. 

Everyone should look at what City Place has to offer. And please, show me 150 foot tall buildings anywhere in the actual City Place, because I'm not seeing them and don't know why that level of upzoning has ever been considered by the current DRTF (and now in serious denial/retreat by certain current elected officials).

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