Monday, June 23, 2014

Mango season 2014! Support your local backyard grower.

The 2014 Mango season has arrived!  Many Pinecrest, Palmetto / Cutler Bay and other South Dade residents consider it has begin with the sighting of the first mango stand opening within our neighborhood.  Area youth (and some resourceful adults)  will again face the fierce competition in Palmetto Bay, which I have observed to be the epicenter of youth run quality mango stands! 

WHERE TO SHOP: Try driving 152nd street, 82nd or 87th avenues most weekends in the next few weeks and it is usually hard not to find an open home mango seller.  The sales market is very competitive in the area and enterprising kids as well as some adults have their stands that have actually built seasonal consumer loyalty.

Regardless, get ready for fresh mango, mango salsa, mango smoothie, mango salad, mango fruitcake, mango chutney mango jam! Support your local grower and South Dade agriculture!

I think we all should be permitted an agricultural property tax exemption on our homes! Support your home agriculturalist, buy local area mangos!


Food dot com has a listing of mango recipes including Mango Pies and Tarts, Mango Canning, Mango Desserts, Salads, Smoothies; well, you get the idea. CLICK HERE to view the online article.


Have a tree not doing well, or just trying to improve the production? I recommend the following online article (click the title to read) Mango Growing in the Florida Home Landscape published by the Horticultural Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.

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