Monday, April 7, 2014

Item 12A - The Anti-Dog Ordinance to be withdrawn? (for tonight), but keep your eyes and ears open for its reappearance.

Thank you all for the intense public pressure so many of you have brought to bear on the current mayor over this ill-advised ordinance, presently item 12 A of the village council agenda set for tonight.  Your concerns and communications have worked today and information has been provided in a confirming e-mail that the item will be temporarily withdrawn (withdrawn from consideration on tonight's agenda).

This is a bad ordinance. It sets neighbor upon neighbor. It removes trained code enforcement officers and/or police from enforcement of our rules - which protects us.  It risks creation of more problems than it is designed to 'solve.' This is driven by divisive politics. We need leadership that works to unite, not divide the community.

This entire ordinance shows the problems when laws are created in back rooms, outside of public sunshine. It should have been brought to a Committee of the Whole Meeting to give greater notice, transparency and an initial opportunity for public input before it was rushed to a first reading. Significant staff time has been wasted on this effort to date.

This effort is now under intense public scrutiny. Let's work together to make sure all voices are heard.

Thank you all,

Eugene Flinn

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  1. Thank you Gene. Keep us up to date on when she tries to pull another stunt like this. She has put her tail between her legs and cowered for now, but we know she will be back. We all need to keep our noses to the ground and continue to follow her trail as we are well aware of her tricks.