Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Devo's Bob Casale Dies At 61 | Billboard

Devo's Bob Casale Dies At 61 | Billboard

Horrible news for all those DEVO-tees.  Billboard (and many other news outlets) reports that Devo guitarist Bob Casale died Monday. Casale was 61.

He was known by fans as "Bob 2" since he played alongside guitarist Bob Mothersbaugh, the
brother of Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh.

"As an original member of Devo, Bob Casale was there in the trenches with me from the beginning,"
his brother Gerald Casale said in a Facebook posting. "He was my level-headed brother, a solid performer and talented audio engineer, always giving more than he got."

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  1. So sad Bob #2. RIP. De-Evolution! D-E-V-O