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Police dogs blessed during Tihar Festival [Photos] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Police dogs blessed during Tihar Festival [Photos] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Nepalese police dogs wear marigold garlands and vermillion pigment on Nov. 13 during the local Tihar festival in Kathmandu. Tihar is the Nepalese equivalent of Diwali, an important five-day festival celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and Arya Samajists. 

Each day of the festival is dedicated to different religious figures including cow, crow and dog, which signifies the relationship between human beings, god and animals. (view article for photos) 

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Tihar (festival) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tihar a five-day-long Hindu and Buddhist festival celebrated in Nepal which comes soon after Dashain. Similar to Deepawali, where one day is celebrated for goddess Laxmi and the other one is celebrated to worship brothers for their long life.[2] However, all ethnic groups celebrate this festival. Among the Newars, it is known as Swanti.

Tihar means the festival of lights, where many candles are lit both inside and outside the houses to make it bright at night. The five-day festival is considered to be of great importance as it shows reverence to not just the humans and the Gods, but also to the animals like crow, cow and dog, who maintain an intense relationship with the humans.

People make things outside of their house, called "Rangoli" in Nepali & Hindi, to make their Home look attractive & beautiful at night.

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