Friday, November 15, 2013

Look to the sky this weekend. Wings Over Miami Special events may be visible.

Check out "The Flight Log", which provides details concerning upcoming special events at the Wings Over Miami Air Museum (WOM).     

Taken from the post: November 2013, This Weekend, November 16 and 17, Special Aircraft Guests at the Museum: If you happen to be looking up this weekend and see a warbird formation, you will not be imagining it.  

Wings Over Miami will be hosting some guests this weekend out at the hangar. Multiple members of the RedStar Pilots Association, along with some of our planes and pilot friends, have been invited to do fly-bys both days of the NASCAR races.   

On Saturday, around noon, the planes will be arriving to the museum. The pilots will be briefed and will prepare for the fly-bys prior to leaving each day.  The schedule for the fly-bys have not been announced as yet, but the pilots expect to leave the airport about 30 minutes prior to the race start on both days.   

AND NOTE! Any readers like me who while growing up, were hoping for a Cox control-line airplane for Christmas?  I had several along with the (non-controlled) Dune Buggy as well as the on the wire dragster (nailing the wire in the street or merely letting it run amok). 
For those who remember and enjoyed, there is another interesting event to consider and put on your calendar: Remember Model Planes Flying on Wire? Saturday, January 18, 2014

Scroll down to the bottom the "The Flight Log" at end, to read the teaser.  Wings Over Miami is planning a model airplane event with modeling, flying, and those good old planes that flew on a wire!

Please contact them if you are interested in helping with the models or the other activities during the event. 

Wow - I'm feeling it. I recall days of heading out with my father to the old Tamiami Airport grounds to fly the .049 Cox U-Control planes.  My longest lasting was a P-19 model. Just thinking of a term I haven't heard in a while - "glow plugs." I still have some old engines, but none of my old planes remain.  And who among us went for it when starting the engines, rejecting the "starter sticks"?

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