Saturday, October 12, 2013

Village update: The potential for Fire Station Land; new green space and new homeowners coming to Palmetto Bay – on the site of the former Cutler Power plant

New neighbors in our near future? August 10, 2013: FPL's Cutler plant demolished. It was one heck of a morning wake up call. So when will us regular Palmetto Bay residents be brought up to date on the FPL plans for this location?

Look for homes to go into this site.  FPL is investigating selling off much of the property to be platted into homes, but retaining part of the property for the FPL power substation.

My suggestion is for the village to negotiate in good faith with FPL and work to obtain two things; land for the fire station as well as land for public green space. What about the existing picnic/party pavilion and BOAT RAMP! Exciting opportunities abound.

Maybe it is time for a scaled public master plan process for this area.

I would suggest that Palmetto Bay’s leadership notify neighbors and bring them in early to work out in advance any issues on fire station or park rather than creating last-minute controversy.  Be inclusive; don’t play this too close to the vest – let potential neighbors in on the plans earlier and work to gain support rather than subject them to surprise.

Palmetto Bay now has jurisdiction over the FPL site. Original County-imposed restrictions mandated into Palmetto Bay's Charter divested jurisdiction over the site so long as it was used as a power plant. It is no longer a power generating plant and, therefore, the restrictions no longer apply.  This is a good opportunity for this current Palmetto Bay council.

Still worth watching:  CLICK HERE to watch the channel 10 video of the final downfall of the Cutler Power plant located off Ludlum Rad, between 136 and 152 Streets.  The plant was first operational in 1949, but has been obsolete for years.  It is a landmark that won't be missed.


  1. Will this bring hi rise or single family home development?

  2. Housing will be much preferable to that messy, noisy power plant.

    1. No way. You have to be kidding. The power plant generated zero traffic. It was a very quiet neighbor for the last few years. The schools on both Ludlum and Coral Reef Drive shut both those streets down at start and dismissal times. Even just 50 new homes will add more traffic. Obviously we need to sell now as those of us who thought we were buying into a quiet oasis are now going to be thrust into the next Deering Estate high rise development.

  3. No again. More traffic. Palmetto Bay should buy the entire property for passive green space. No more development.

  4. so much for a quiet neighborhood. I moved here several years ago to get away from the craziness, now with the help of pinecrest and palmetto bay, they will surely try to turn our oasis into a highly congested area. municipalities have been trying for years to acquire land to build huge parks with bright lights (Bird Road tropical park style) [[[Grrreeeeat- UGH!]]] by piggy backing in the proposal of building an additional fire station. some of our properties lie on or near bird sanctuaries, not to mention the countless wildlife, some categorized as protected and then there's the native protected and endangered plants and trees. who's going to protect those? let's have some respect for nature people, it's all we have left, we live in such an amazing place where our kids can actually plan on the streets without the threat of running into the "traffic". Personally I am disappointed that FPL has decided to sell after they flat out told us there were turning the property into Green Space AND had NO intention to sell.

  5. Another black point marina would fit well there! Or perhaps another landfill? Close to the water just like Black Point. Yes, lets ruin the serenity that FPL provided the area for years and conserve it by developing it.