Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not a moment too soon. I'm looking for relief. Read: Microsoft releasing Windows 8.1, a year in making - Technology -

LOS ANGELES: Microsoft releasing Windows 8.1, a year in making - Technology -
This is good news.  I am finally starting to make my peace with Windows 8, but I like my start button. My threshold question is who the heck thought it was a good idea to put Windows 8 on a NON-touch screen computer?

I hope to resolve my current personal lap top issues with the upgrade to Window 8.1, which, as reported, is a free update for current owners of Windows 8. It's available starting at 7 a.m. Thursday in New York.

We are told to “simply go to the Windows Store app to find it. It may take a few hours for updates to reach everyone.” Now I have to figure out the “Windows Store app” and learn why I may have to wait “hours” for it to reach me.  "App Store" = a new road block to simply going to a "website" and clicking on "downloads."

Computers with Windows 8.1 already installed will go on sale Friday local time. That's also when people will be able to buy stand-alone copies of Windows 8.1.

To be balanced, I loved Windows 95, so I know I am not resistant to change. We never upgraded to Windows ME or 98. My daughter had a Windows 7 OS and I did like that version.  Our family suffered absolutely none of the rumored problems of Windows Vista.  Windows 8 nearly made me chuck our PCs and move into Apple for home computing.

This will be my first experience upgrading an OS.  I am sure that my family is much like most non-computer geek households that only upgrade their OS through the purchase of new computer hardware.  Few are the good news stories from those who upgrade their operating systems on older equipment.

Upgrade here we come, feel free to send any helpful advice on the change.

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