Saturday, July 21, 2012

Palmetto Bay and the bizarro world of non-disclosure: The continued lack of transparency from Stanczyk and Pariser.

When will the taxpayers of Palmetto Bay become fully apprised of the specifies of the next potential big lawsuit? The suit (Petition for Writ of Certiorari actually) is pending in the Circuit Court, Appellate Division, titled: Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC v Village of Palmetto Bay.  This is the litigation that has resulted from the December 2011, summary denial of the Charter School application. 

The village officials may have finally ‘fixed’ the Palmetto Bay litigation link: see Thursday, July 12, 2012, What is the status of the Palmer litigation? Does anyone have the right to know?  (Thank you squeaky wheel).  The "Current Litigation" page now appears to be on a new link (CLICK HERE). 

But there is far from complete information which makes me more concerned than ever.  It leads a reader to erroneously think the listed opinions are the limit of Palmetto Bay's current litigation.  That is why this new and ‘improved’ page is misleadingly.  After all, it is entitled “Current Litigation in Village of Palmetto Bay” and, sorry Shelley Stanczyk and Brian Pariser, but I have to call you both out on this, it is entirely (as you both far too often accuse others) MISLEADING, if now outright dishonest, due to the fact that there is much more litigation going on at the present time. 

I am starting to come to the personal conclusion that neither of you can ever make complete and proper disclosure to the public.  Do you think we all are so stupid that we will never find out there are other cases pending, or do you both simply like to surprise us?  I know, we can all view the attorney’s report temporarily posted monthly with the regular village agenda, but who thinks that you have to go to so many different places to assemble your piece-meal information, especially when you allegedly have assembled what many thought to be a single site for all information.  Again, Shelley, that is misleading. This is another example of bad leadership; why so many people are getting disgusted with you and Brian.

Back to the page.  At the time I posted this blog article, the page provided only the following:

Current Litigation in Village of Palmetto Bay

Disclaimer: The following order is subject to an appeal and is not final during the pending litigation:

    Opinion Filed Dec. 22, 2011
    Petition Filed Jan. 23, 2012
    3rd DCA Decision (Not final):  July 5, 2012

What are the real cases of interest, why the page was actually set up?

Palmer Trinity Private School v. Village of Palmetto Bay ; Circuit Court Case No.: 08-28977 CA 30;
Palmer Trinity Private School v. Village of Palmetto Bay, Appellate Court Case No.: 10-259-AP; Palmer Trinity v. Village of Palmetto Bay under Circuit Court case no. 10-34016 CA 20

All are pending.  The Appellate Court Case No.: 10-259-AP may see a renewed motion for attorney’s fees and costs filed by Palmer due to the strong language contained in the recent Third District Court of Appeal decision and its award of fees and costs.  The original motion was denied without prejudice.

Interest readers and residents should start looking for what happens next in Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC v Village of Palmetto Bay, pending in the Circuit Court, Appellate Division, case No.: 12-029, regarding resolution 2011-85. The petition for writ of certiorari for was filed on January 12, 2012, but is not getting much attention, but it will be soon.

Other lawsuits of little or no interest:

There is at least one personal injury lawsuit pending, which is unfortunately part of being a service provider: Justin Anctil (Parent) v. Village of Palmetto Bay, Circuit Court case 11-14303 CA 01 (others have been filed and settled, which are not unusual).

The village is nearly always a party in any foreclosure suit filed regarding to private property located within Palmetto Bay.  These are far too numerous to list.


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    What is the harm in listing all the court cases?

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Stanczyk and Pariser have yet to do anything positive. It was not so nice of you to help them get to a position where they can hurt Palmetto Bay.