Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Photo Ops for Howard Tendrich, only additional opportunities to engage in public service. We all need to get behind Howard in his re-election campaign, for the good of Palmetto Bay

I am supporting Howard Tendrich in his re-election campaign.  No surprise. I find Howard to be one of the most positive people on the present village council. He votes based upon principle, not based upon who speaks the loudest. You can always depend upon Howard Tendrich to listen and carefully consider all sides of an issue before he votes.

One of his greatest strengths is his commitment to volunteerism. He is not a photo opportunity official, gone as soon as the cameras leave. I saw Howard on Saturday, 7/21/2012, at the Deering Estate Free day, working as grilmaster for the N.E.S.T.T. fundraiser. He worked start to finish, taking time from this store hours on Saturday.  Howard actually donates more than just his time, but actually reaches into his personal pocket book for charitable and community good. Show me another elected official who has done that for so long.  Howard is unselfish and sincere in his efforts.

Howard is well-known as the people’s voice for transparency and accountability.  He has lead the charge to place the check register on the web site. It is unfortunate that many of this up to date reforms have not been addressed by the current council.  Hopefully that will change in November. 

We need more people like Howard, who is genuinely concerned for the good of OUR community.  

Please join me in working to re-elect Howard Tendrich, Palmetto Bay Council, District 2.


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Howard has always had my support Gene. Thank you for the update.

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Our family goes back a long way with Mr. Tendrich and his family. All great people. Palmetto Bay needs 4 four years of the common sense leadership of Howard Tendrich.

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Great article. We love Howard Tendrich.