Sunday, March 6, 2011

Linda Robinson, Palmetto Bay's initial Vice Mayor, reflects on celebration history

Linda Robinson, Palmetto Bay’s first vice mayor, reflects upon some of the history of Palmetto Bay’s annual picnic.  Here comments appear in the Soapbox section of the Miami Herald Neighbors, Sunday, March 06, 2011.  Please follow this link to read her full comments (it is the second letter)

Linda, as an important part of the first Village Council (Linda was first elected in 2002 and served through 2008) wants this tradition to continue. Linda gives credit to our special events committee.  The initial chair was Jacquie Sosa who was an anchor with Channel 10.  This position was held later by Jeanne Rothfield and finally Donna Coughlin, our last chairperson. This year the Parks Department, which has worked with our committee, is organizing it. Linda is disappointed to see that the committee isn’t involved anymore.  Her comments note that the special events committee and staff, all working as part of the team under the initial village council created events and interests including rides, city information, educational topics, wholesome family events, dunk tank for charity, & local school participation!

Many people still volunteer Pat and Jim Gladieux still take charge of the ever-popular corn on the cob. Dottie Barton, active on creating Coral Reef park back in the early 80s, was recently assisting staff in the historic house tours. 

The staff of the Planning and Parks Department as well as our police work well to continue to make this event a success.

As Linda points out, we have seen helicopters land in the field and firefighters come in their trucks, and schools were invited to participate. The Voice of the Heat served in past years as emcee. Past years has seen well over 5,000 people for a picnic. Linda thanked prior sponsors which included Starbucks, Home Depot, Dade Paper, Banks and Publix, we have had breaks on the food and donations!

Yes Linda, you are quite right, the efforts and impact that you and the Special Events Committee have been successful and has left an outstanding celebration legacy that continues through this day.  

Thank you Linda.  Thank you all who served on the Special Events Committee

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