Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Troubling: No explanation forthcoming from Palmetto Bay officials - County explanation offers more issues, than answers

I found this post this morning on Carol's "Village of Palmetto Bay for Real" Page. It creates more issues than answers.  And I would like answers.

But first, let's be clear: No one ever suggested that this was the decision of our district commissioner, however, based upon this answer, I do want to know who ordered the signs now that we hear that these signs are being ordered down. I ask that our Commissioner discuss whether she was involved in these discussions between Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay and Miami-Dade, including at any of her "MOM" Meetings (Meetings of the Mayors). Answers would go far in providing the back story on how this all fell into place.

Let's not overreact, but also troubling is how everyone seems to be scurrying when the Sunshine is cast on clear, conspicuous and clearly intentionally created (and posted) signs are revealed by my blog to a broad general audience. The signs are being removed "taken down" - so there will be no notice to anyone as to the relocation of this event? (I am thankful that I have the photos documenting that the signs were in fact placed there.)

This is troubling.  Now we are being told that PB and CB "decided" to work together for an event in Palmetto Bay. 

This is an open request for anyone with information on any meetings or agreements, information as to how two local governments made this decision out of view of their residents, to forward such information to me at

I have so many concerns, so many questions that I do not even know where to begin, but I will collect my thoughts and begin after my morning hearings.

FYI - once again, I post the photo of the County Banner that appears to be very specific - self explanatory:

I personally cannot recall any meeting or discussion in held public view or any advisement of the public, but then again, I am a very busy person so I cannot monitor everything. I depend upon the watchful eye of many other interested residents to assist. This requires further investigation.

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