Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Campaigns are over - time for the first decisions, setting the course by the new Village Council - issue: setting any new policy and reacting to the Unsolicited Proposal-Mixed Use Downtown Development - UP No. 1819-00-002

Palmetto Bay has received what is known as an "unsolicited bid" for a 5 story mixed use project that includes a parking garage for no less than 450 vehicles in the downtown Franjo Road area[(the area is depicted in "attachment A - site plan", the .JPEG (posted to the right) of the site location plan].

CLICK HERE to download and view the entire 28 page document.

Initial statement as to "unsolicited bids": Unsolicited bids - and the procedure for how the public entity (in this case, Palmetto Bay) responds to unsolicited bids - are managed by State law.  See FS 255.065. Unsolicited bids are not unique to Palmetto Bay. Unsolicited bids are common and that is why there is a specific state law that provides for a process when received.

It is the responsibility of the Village Manager/Administration to follow the State Law upon receipt of an unsolicited bid and present the proposal and responses to the Village Council for their action.

It is the responsibility of the members of the Village Council to follow the law in their action on any unsolicited bid, in regard to accepting or rejecting the unsolicited bid and other responses.

The proposed project (presently proposed as a five story project):

The Development initiative includes the construction of a mixed-use facility including:
A 450 space minimum parking garage,
20,000 sf commercial retail spaces,
An entertainment component,
Open public spaces, and
A 120-key minimum hotel component.

The Village has also specified that, at a minimum, the Project must include:

Enhanced lighting,
Roadway interface,
Streetscape improvements,
Sustainable practices, and
Smart technologies.
The parking structure will provide a min of 450 spaces, with 85 spaces being designated for Village Hall use and the balance of parking being used to support other land uses which can be developed on one or all parcels shown in the attached site plan (Attachment A).
The mixed-use downtown development/parking garage component shall provide a pedestrian bridge connection to Village Hall Municipal Building in the future. The Project shall incorporate enhanced pedestrian-oriented amenities and ground floor activation along Franjo and US1, promoting walkability, activating street corners catering to pedestrians.

Involved land – four parcels of property (photos are of the existing properties): 

Parcel A in Attachment A is a Village owned parcel. The Respondent Proposer can develop the project scope on the full site or partial site.
Parcel B and C in Attachment A are not Village owned, however, current land owners have provided a Letter of Intent indicating interest in making their property part of the Village’s Mixed-Use Downtown Development Project.

The Project site can include three parcels. See (Attachment B) for survey information:

Parcel A- Folio # 33-5032-004-3120 Village Owned
Parcel B-Folio # 33-5032-004-3180 Owned by Hagan Properties LLC
Parcel C- Folio # 33-5032-004-3200 Owned by Dixie 176 Corporations
Parcel D- Folio # 33-5032-004-3120 Village Owned/ Village Hall Site

CLICK HERE to review the entire 28 page document.  This Proposal Requirements Document (“UP” or “Request”) is issued by the Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida (the “Village”), pursuant to Florida Statute Section 255.065, notifying interested parties that it has received an unsolicited proposal for the development of a parking garage and a mixed- use development in Palmetto Bay as a public-private partnership (the “Project”).  All information is contained in the Notice of Receipt of Unsolicited Proposal for Mixed-Use Downtown Development for Village of Palmetto Bay, Solicitation No: UP 1819-00-002

WHAT THIS MEANS – pursuant to state law, other qualified interested parties may submit a legally sufficient competitive bid for this project.

"The Village of Palmetto Bay (the “Village”) will accept other Proposals from qualified firms to deliver the Project and design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Project in accordance with the specifications set forth in this UP (“Proposal”). There are no Village funds allocated for this project."

TAKE NOTE: The Village’s project contribution is strictly land as part of a ground lease agreement with Developer.

Are you planning on submitting a proposal? 
Proposals Due December 11th, 2018 3:00 pm or earlier
Attn: Missy Arocha
Village Clerk
9705 E. Hibiscus Street
Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157

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