Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nicholeris family vacation in the 2018 winter “bomb cyclone” POD

Pictures of the day! Comparing our "frigid" weather here in Palmetto Bay with Palmetto Bay's (and the Coral Reef Elementary family's) own Nicholeris family who are currently experiencing the full impact of the winter 'violent 'bomb cyclone' going on in the Northeast.

Many Palmetto Bay residents are on vacation, skiing, many enjoying a respite from South Florida traffic.  Anyone from the Coral Reef Elementary family know both Theodore Nicholeris "Mr. Nick", music director, and Janice Nicholeris. Both long-time teachers at Coral Reef Elementary.

Mr Nick and I were comparing notes of our local weather today and her responded with the photos (actually Janice provided the photos and video). The report I received from the Nicholeris family is that it started Thursday (1/4/18) morning at about 4:00 AM - all the snow was blowing sideways. Winds steady at 30 kts. Gusts to 70 kts.  

I am promised more photos if they can get out to take them. The wind and snow had forced them to "...hunker down, stay warm, and eat good food."

The photos of  Mr. Nick with a snowblower is a keeper:
Missing Palmetto Bay?  I was told that our  +44degrees Fahrenheit  would feel like a heat wave!
 Stay warm Nicholeris family!

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