Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Interview / debate: Buses Versus Rail: Which Would You Prefer?

WLRN - More buses or rail, which do WE prefer?  Which is better suited to fixing the problems?  As Mayor of Palmetto Bay, I am pushing to actually implement the solution now, rather than merely pushing off the problem a few years. 

We, the residents of South Miami-Dade, are suffering under crushing traffic. 

WLRN online article (with a link to the radio program):

We recently spoke with Mayor Eugene Flinn of Palmetto Bay and Vice Mayor James McDonald of Pinecrest about the debate between new bus lines versus more rail.
The county has a plan for $115 million  to go toward a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in the South Dade.
Leaders, like Mayor Flinn, along with leaders from Homestead and three other municipalities, challenged Miami-Dade officials on that issue, and are pushing for rail instead. 

Click onto the highlighted headline link to view the full WLRN online article: Buses Versus Rail: Which Would You Prefer? - By Luis Hernandez • Apr 12, 2016 


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