Monday, December 22, 2014

Meeting up with Brian Tannebaum - author of "The Practice"


I picked up my copy of The Practice at a Friday evening Holiday party directly from the source - Palmetto Bay resident and well-respected attorney Brian Tannebaum.

It is a highly recommended read (info from the official web site):

As its title suggests, The Practice delivers brutal truths about lawyers and lawyering in Tannebaum’s slightly snarky—but always honest—signature style. Whether the reader agrees with him or not, they can’t deny his opinions are provocative and provide plenty of food for thought and maybe a laugh or two along the way.   Reading this book, you can’t deny Brian Tannebaum tells it like it is. There is never a question about where he stands on any issues relating to the legal profession. In The Practice,Tannebaum riffs on everything from asking yourself what type of lawyer you want to be, to the most effective way to network and market yourself in an industry where lawyers increasingly over-rely on social media to prove their relevance.

Get your copy today!  Good luck Brian with all you do.

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