Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our First 100 Days - the expanded plan for improving the success of Palmetto Bay by Eugene Flinn

Our First 100 Days -

Our first 100 days – The team approach to improving the success of Palmetto Bay – Building a greater sense of Community.
by Eugene Flinn

FDR coined the term, “First 100 Days,” and in that time, he passed fifteen bills which formed the basis of the New Deal.  My first 100 days will be critical to this community, and I have a solid record of experience in my eight years as Palmetto Bay’s founding mayor to bring our community together.

Politicians promise the world in every political campaign. This campaign for mayor has been no different. Each candidate promises to make our streets safe, protect our neighborhoods, and keep taxes low. Each has vowed to bring good government and transparency to village hall.

But the real measure of the candidate is not in what is said, but what is done. I have a solid record of establishing this village.  I will put my experience to work for us to guide this village through its next critical steps. I want to tell you exactly what will happen in the first 100 days of a Flinn administration. Working together and engaging our fellow residents and businesses, we will:
CLICK HERE to read the full plan.

CLICK HERE to view the posting of all candidates for Palmetto Bay mayor posted on South Dade Matters, including my abridged version.

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