Wednesday, September 25, 2013

For at least one night, Palmetto Bay has gone to the dogs! Councilman Schaffer’s Town Hall Meeting on lost pets. Reduced Fee Micro-Chipping sponsored by Friends Forever Rescue.

Tim Schaffer held an informational Town Hall meeting (along with his dog Ricky) on Wednesday, September 25th.  The topic was lost and found pets in Palmetto Bay.  Vice Mayor John DuBois was also in attendance.  Take some time to view the Palmetto Bay Animal Services web page.  
Councilman Tim Schaffer pictured with Ricky
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On a personal note - the meeting ran by Councilman Schaffer ran very smoothly. Perhaps it was the presence of Ricky. Either Tim needs to run more Village meetings or Ricky needs to attend all council meetings to act as the council therapy calming service animal.
Ricky heading up to calm the council dais
Reduced Fee ($15) Micro-Chipping Program for Palmetto Bay

Dee Chess from Friends Forever Rescue was also in attendance and has set up a special offer for all Palmetto Bay residents: Reduced Fee Micro-Chipping sponsored by Friends Forever Rescue. Dogs will be chipped by the vet and must be registered in the program that same day.  The cost for registering and chipping will be $15 per dog.  Call 786-229-9002 for more information and appointments in the Reduced Fee Micro-Chipping Program for Palmetto Bay.
NOTE: All pets could easily be returned to their families if they were micro-chipped and registered.  A found chipped pet would simply be scanned, information obtained and the call made to the family - this would be much more effective than any found pet sign.


  1. Since she goes astray so often, maybe Mr. Schaffer can put a chip in the Mayor?

    1. Does that mean you want to be able to reclaim her if she strays?

    2. This is further evidence that Palmetto Bay is going to the dogs under Stanczyk.