Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall says "Stop the Stadium Madness!" and he wants other elected officials and everyone to join him.

Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall has announced his opposed to spending tax payer dollars for stadium renovations; and the use of general funds from the County to pay for a special election for a private entity. Mayor MacDougall has accepted the position as Honorary Chair of "Stop the Stadium Madness!" and is seeking support from the fellow Mayors of incorporated Miami-Dade County. Mayor Ed MacDougall hopes that the County's Mayor's unite in opposition.

·         Listed below are actions that Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall has taken or will take to demonstrate that he is fully committed:
·         Accepted the position of Honorary Chairman for the (ECO) Stop the Stadium Madness! This political committee will be the vehicle to be used to fight this waste of tax payer dollars 
·         Invested thousands of dollars from his personal assets to fund the outreach process because, as he states, he feels so strongly about this wasteful spending
·         Proposed and unanimously passed a resolution in the Town of Cutler Bay to oppose the  stadium renovation proposal (CLICK HERE to view a copy of that resolution)
·         Will speak in opposition to the stadium proposal and the special election when the issue comes before the Miami-Dade County Commission (he is looking for others willing to attend the Commission Hearing)
·         Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall is also scheduled to speak in opposition of the stadium proposal at the next League of Cities meeting scheduled for March 7, 2013 (A Dolphin's representative will also be speaking at the dinner)
CLICK HERE to view the official white paper of the Stop the Stadium Madness! organization. This provides details on the effort and reason they are engaged in the fight.   
Mayor/Chair Ed MacDougall is looking for support in a County wide opposition effort. He states that together, we all can convince our county commissioners and state officials that the stadium proposal is a bad idea. The Dolphins will spend millions of dollars to seek this 199 million dollar windfall.

Cutler Bay passed their resolution opposing the spending tax payer dollars for stadium renovations; and the use of general funds from the County to pay for a special election for a private entity on February 20, 2013. The resolution opposes House Bill 165 and Senate Bill 306 currently pending before the Florida Legislature.  

The Palmetto Bay council met on March 4, 2013, holding no discussion of this issue, even though the current mayor sponsored numerous resolutions regarding various legislative issues.  A bill is presently pending in the Florida Legislature and it is important to get on board, one way or another if Palmetto Bay is going to weigh in on this issue. Perhaps the vice-mayor or other member of the Palmetto Bay Village Council can move this item to discussion and action, if the council agrees to take a position on this matter.
The Florida legislature is in session from March 5 to May 13, 2013.  Once again, we are waiting to hear from Palmetto Bay. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Palmetto Bay council is April 1, 2013.


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