Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Polar Bear Plunge at Village of Lake George. A great community regional event.

After reviewing the Groundhog day event on TV Sunday AM, I thought of how a great annual event can ad value to a community. Alex and I may just head up to Punxsutawney, PA, to see Punxsutawney Phil.  Until then. I rely upon my past experience where I once again,  embarrassed my daughters by taking my second Lake George Polar Bear Plunge.  Take the plunge take home the tee shirt.  Jan 1, 20013 was a beautiful day on Lake George in upstate NY.  Weather was 25 degrees at the time of the plunge, water temp reportedly at 35 degrees.   Once again, I was not disappointed in a cold water in my face start to a new year. And yes, I went all they way, rushing and diving in and taking a total immersion of the cold Lake George water.  Click “Read more” at the bottom of this post to view additional personal photos of the day/event.

I have included a link to the local news article regarding this event: “Lake George's Polar Plunge lives up to its frigid name” in the online Post Star. A video and photo gallery is included with the article online.  Over 1,200 people registered and took the plunge from the snow covered Million Dollar Beach.

It is funny that I have now plunged twice (2007 and 2013) but have yet to step foot into Lake George during the summer. Shepard’s Park is the site of the Lake George Summer Festival hosting many family-friendly fun filled events. 

Event registration is held at Duffy’s Tavern, once of the primary sponsors of the event. The polar Bear plunge kicks off the Lake George Winter Carnival. The event is usually held at Shepard’s Park, located on the main street of Lake George Village, but the side story this year is that the Shepard’s Park beach was closed due to ongoing operations to eradicate the invasive Asian Claim (CLICK HERE to view the blog site “Lake George Asian Clam Eradication Project“ on the purpose for and progress of the eradication effort).

A great family vacation with an active outdoor start of this New Year.  We all wish everyone a very Happy and prosperous 2013!

Duffy's an Event Sponsor and registration location
Never know who you will meet. Daughter with the Avengers
Taking the plunge.
Post plunge Hot Chocolate with Meredith

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