Thursday, December 20, 2012

A story of comfort dogs hard at work in Newtown Connecticut

Photo: Allison Joyce for NY Daily News
A must read article: NY Daily News Online, By Jennifer H. Cunningham and Adam Edelman:

Comfort dogs help ease pain of mourning Newtown community - Groups from across the country brought dogs, some of them therapy animals, some just caring pets, to help both young and old cope with their grief over the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

The article contains both photos and video of the comfort dogs at work. 

A pack of sympathetic groups bearing supportive canines spent much of Monday with bereaved Connecticut residents affected by last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, providing children and adults alike with the cuddly comfort that only a four-legged friend can give.

The "comfort dogs," or "therapy dogs" as they are sometimes called, were brought in by at least three groups late Sunday to help kids and adults alike cope with last week's horrific shooting in Newtown that left 20 first graders and six school officials dead.

Among the groups was the Hudson Valley Golden Retrievers Club, whose members spent the afternoon at a makeshift memorial near the town center, where both kids and adults in need of compassion stopped to pet and cuddle the dogs.

The article also contains a poll for you to weigh in on. Question: "Do dogs make you fee better in times of distress." What are your thoughts?

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