Friday, September 7, 2012

Village History Update - 10 year anniversary

I will be posting some historical information that I have regarding Palmetto Bay's past history in honor of Palmetto Bay's 10 year anniversary. This is a first instalment.  It covers a brief time line from petitions for incorporation to the start of the Palmetto Bay Municipal Advisory Committee (PBMAC). Click "Read more" below to view the timeline

Feel free to send me any information that you may have and want to post, especially any pictures


November 6, 1995: 690 consents to petition for incorporation signed and served upon the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners.  These Six hundred ninety (690) duly executed consents to petition for incorporation are substantially in excess of the four percent (4%) of registered voters in the petitioning area which were required by County.

November 11, 1995:  These signatures were certified by DAVID C. LEAHY, Supervisor of Elections for Metro-Dade County.

December 1, 1995: Planning Department’s letter of December 1, 1995, acknowledges the timely filed Petition pursuant to Section 5.05 Miami-Dade County Charter, to organize the Village of Palmetto Bay into a new municipal government in Miami-Dade County.

June 24m 1996:  Pursuant to the first requirement of Sec. 5.05 of the County Charter, the petition was brought for public hearing before the Planning Advisory Board.  A favorable recommendation was granted by the unanimous vote of the Planning Advisory Board indicating that a Municipality having the boundaries set forth in this Petition for the Village of Palmetto Bay was in fact feasible.

September 17, 1996:  Pursuant to the second requirement of Sec. 5.05 of the County Charter, public hearings regarding all current pending incorporation petitions from the areas designated as PALMETTO BAY, DORAL, SUNNY ISLES and  MIAMI LAKES, were held before the Board of County Commissioners.

September 17, 1996:  Following the public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners voted to place the petition of SUNNY ISLES on the January 7th, 1997 ballot for approval of the electors voting and residing within the proposed boundaries, but voted to defer “to no date certain” the remaining petitions of PALMETTO BAY, DORAL and MIAMI LAKES.

January 7, 1997: Sunny Isles voters overwhelmingly choose to become an independent municipality.

[  ]  Frustrated by the continual deferment "…with no date certain."  The Palmetto Bay Steering Committee files its lawsuit.

[  ]  Palmetto Bay's Lawsuit survives the Defendant County's Motion to Dismiss.

[ ]  The Trial Judge places a hold on Palmetto Bay's lawsuit for 6 months.

[  ]  Doral joins Palmetto Bay's lawsuit as a co-plaintiff.

[  ]  The Trial Judge rules that the rights of the Plaintiffs were violated and ordered an election be held after hearing is held on the Motions filed by both the Plaintiffs' (Palmetto Bay and Doral) and the Defendant's (Miami-Dade County) Motions for Judgement on the Pleadings (seeking final judgements in their favor). 

[   ]  Appeal is filed by the Defendant (now Appellant) Miami-Dade County.

[   ]  Palmetto Bay moves for an expedited appeal.  The Court grants this motion on {  }.

[   ]  Oral Argument is held before the Third District Court of Appeal.  Chief Judge Alan Swartz, { } and {  } were the three judges assigned the appeal.

[  } The Third District Court of Appeal reverses the trial court.

June 20, 2000: Municipal Advisory Committees were created for the petitioning areas of Palmetto Bay, Doral and Country Club Lakes.

July 25, 2000: Organizational meeting of the Doral Municipal Advisory Meeting.

July 27, 2000: Organizational meeting of the Palmetto Bay Municipal Advisory Committee.

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