Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reflections on Palmetto Bay's Earth Week celebrations. Pinecrest's April 10 celebration

Local and international events have occurred that really should make anyone paying attention sit down and consider what direction they want our environment to take.  Even the concept of clean water is now under attack.  It is important that we take some time to consider our future, what type of world we want to turn over to our children, our next generation.  I was proud that I was able to start a village Earth Day celebration that has morphed into a multi-faceted Earth Week celebration, partnering with local public and private schools, environmental groups, community groups and involve so many residents of all ages.  We are now seeing the fourth year that Palmetto Bay celebrates Earth Week.  We are looking forward to another great celebration.  This year will see a continuation of the ladybug releases I started, providing a living example of the use of nature’s pest control over chemicals.  The village will be releasing one ladybug for each resident of this outstanding community this year.  This movie night will feature WALL-E, sticking with the environmental themes of past Earth Week movie nights.  Past Earth Week movies have included “Hoot” (with presentations which included the actual Owls featured in the movie), and the “Bee Movie”

It is unfortunate that the events were scaled back this year.  Past years have included events such as the Magical Bus Tour, area clean ups with the administration, staff and students at Alexander Montessori School; Kayak Tours from Deering point in beautiful Biscayne Bay sponsored through Laura Reynolds and the Tropical Audubon Society (TAS); a family bike ride enjoyed by hundreds organized in cooperation with Eric Tullberg and the Green Mobility Network; safe solar viewing provided through the Southern Cross Astronomical Society (SCAS); and area nature walks guided by members of Palmetto Bay’s tree board through the preserved areas of the Palmetto Bay Village Center.  Interested persons were able to see crocodiles, several varieties of mangrove trees and other native plants right here in Palmetto Bay! These were extensive events to involve everyone and celebrate our surroundings, all great events.

These events will not be forgotten and there is work behind the scenes to bring them back either through private efforts or simply impromptu community events such as the bike ride.

Please CLICK HERE to review my April 2010 article in the Palmetto Bay news – “It takes more than a day to celebrate the Earth” (Click on the front page of the paper to read the entire article)

Pinecrest is celebrating its Earth Day Festival on Sunday, April 10, 2011.  It should not be missed.  The event is held at Pinecrest Gardens from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Admission is free.  Attendees will enjoy the Farmer's Market, Wildlife Shows and Presentations, Plant Exhibitions, Green vendor booths, Food, Area School Talent Show, and Green and Eco-Friendly Workshops

CLICK HERE to review the official information, including specific details.

Have a great Earth Week and do your part to make every day Earth Day.

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  1. These were extensive events to involve everyone and celebrate our surroundings, all great events.