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Meet Julia Cespedes - Palmetto Bay’s ‘Information Broker’ and ‘Conscience’ - Community Newspapers

No fake news here!  Research and communication. Read about Palmetto Bay’s ‘Information Broker’ and ‘Conscience’ by: Hal Feldman |May 19, 2017

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Julia has been called the Village fact-checker, Palmetto Bay’s conscience and the information broker. Her reaction is to say, “It’s certainly gotten much easier to research as I went along. When people ask for things, I usually know the path that will produce documented, true results. So, yeah, I don’t mind being called any of those things.”
It all began with a lost dog:
In May of 2016, Palmetto Bay resident Julia Cespedes lost her dog, Aurora, and posted on social media sites including Facebook, in order to find her. This was the beginning of a new path for Julia, who was finishing a Doctorate program for Higher Education Administration Leadership at Nova Southeastern University.
“I got familiar with several Palmetto Bay-centric Facebook groups and pages and was dissatisfied with the way community information was being presented and talked about. Some of it was biased. Some of it was downright false,” explained Cespedes. “I didn’t know who to believe. And even more disturbing, what I was witnessing was adult cyber-bullying.”

Julia believed the criticism and instant judgement of others online was rather distasteful and felt she could probably do a better job by starting her own open and public forum. So, late last year Facebook group Palmetto Bay Leadership thru Transparency ( was born. Its mission is to research, find the truth, silence the bullies and address the many ongoing issues in Palmetto Bay.
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Facebook users can CLICK HERE to link to Julia's "Palmetto Bay Leadership Thru Transparency" page.

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