Thursday, October 13, 2016

David Singer is Against Neighborhood Protection - Watch the tape - draw your own conclusions

Well over $100,000.00 is being spent in these campaigns for Vice Mayor and District 2 for certain people to 're-invent' themselves. Review the meeting clip posted below to see for yourself.

Are you in favor of "Neighborhood Protection"?  if so, then you need to review this clip and compare it to prior statements made by this candidate.  I also suggest that you review my prior post of Oct 12, 2016 where John DuBois, the current Vice Mayor, and one of his major supporters, former Council Member Patrick Fiore attempted to use a park master plan proceeding to subvert and undermine the Neighborhood Protection ordinance.  Read: More Answers to your questions - Checking the Palmetto Bay record - Coral Reef Park Baseball batting cages/storage - another 5-0 vote - but during a prior administration. Majority of Council stood up to attack from 2 members on the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.

Past action may be more revealing than listening to their slick campaign brochures and advertisements that have been put together by slick PR firms telling you what you want to hear rather than revealing their true record.

As Councilman Tim Schaffer states in an e-mail:

Singer claimed I attempted to repeal the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.  NOT TRUE...once again he twisted the FACTS...I voted to move the Neighborhood Protection Amendment to a discussion meeting FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING IT STRONGER!!!

YET, Singer himself has publicly stated before the council that HE IS AGAINST NEIGHBORHOOD PROECTION

It's on video at

I am FOR Neighborhood Protection.

Tim Schaffer, Council Member
2016 Re-Election
Village of Palmetto Bay

Paid for and approved by Tim Schaffer for Palmetto Bay Council, District 2

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