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The real David Singer - is he a stalker as alleged in court documents or simply the Village "Court Jester". Review the comments made about him by Gary Pastorella on May 4, 2015 and the self-paid advertisement by Don Waters

Putting someone in fear for their family crosses the line.  So does harassment of a resident to a point where he feels the need to seek protection from the Court.  David Singer's past behavior may be a good (or bad) indicator of how he will perform as a council member. We are supposed to be a positive village - there is no room for potentially dangerous antics. Stop it before someone gets hurt. I know I am expected to sit back and try to stay above the fray, but I will take only so many baseless and unsupported attacks.   

Posted here is but one example of David's behavior that I find disturbing. There are plenty more. I take issue with his relentless and offbeat attacks. I believe that you will see evidence of behavior that should disturb you in this video.  Don’t just listen to me – listen to another one of my oft critics, Gary Pastorella, speak about him in an open forum at the May 4, 2016, village council meeting.  You can see this exchange by viewing the official meeting archive.  The comments from Mrs. Pastorella begin at 1:14:42. Her husband's, Gary Pastorella, comments begin at 1:17:14  (CLICK HERE to view the video). 

In this video, you will see that Mr. Singer is seated in front and the two often gaze directly and gesture directly at each other.  This is a serious matter and you should review this tape to determine the character of those involved.  And, by the way, this is the same Gary Pastorella who filed for a restraining order against David Singer for Stalking – yes, that is correct, he felt that he need to go to court to obtain an order to prevent Mr. Singer from STALKING him filed 5/7/2015, just days after Mr. Pastorella laid into Mr. Singer at the public forum:  (Case No. 2015-011478-FC-04). The case was ultimately dismissed, for what reasons I cannot tell, as the file appears to have been sealed.  - listen to the exchange on the video - I believe there to be real anger and fear for what Mr. Singer may do next. 

Gary Pastorella is not the only person sounding alarms about David Singer's behavior – there is an advertisement taken out (paid for by personal funds, unrelated to any political campaigns) Published in the Palmetto Bay News – PAGE 7, September 13 – 26, 2016 Edition.  Please take the time to read this advertisement by Don Waters, who felt strongly enough to take out an advertisement.

David Singer is an interesting character.  First of all, let me say that I have often (and probably improperly) enjoyed David Singer. He can be funny.  He certainly speaks his mind.  There are times I agree with him (and he has quoted me when he has), but there are many times that I have disagreed with him  (and he fails to acknowledge those times and instead has vilified me for my disagreement).  The conduct relating to how he treats other residents, as detailed by Gary Pastorella and Don Waters is most troubling.  So troubling, that I have posted a constructed transcript of Mr. Pastorella's comments made at the meeting and provided the link to the actual video – again, CLICK HERE).  I suggest that you read along as you review the video. 
The following individual addressed the Village Council during Public Comments at the May 4, 2015 Regular Council Meeting (Time of recording: 1:17:00):
Gary Pastorella,(address redacted), Palmetto Bay
I found this box on my patio, my porch the other day. Fortunately for me, I was in the bedroom and saw the person who left it leaving like a cockroach jumping in their car and driving away. I yet to open it, but I did open the envelope and in the envelope is the paper that announces a celebration of the fire station.
What’s interesting is if this was a true celebration, not the phony celebration that was and only attempted to harass the Pastorellas and the neighbors who are participating in the litigation against the fire station, they would’ve passed these out throughout the Village and everyone on our street would of received one of these, but I am the only one that received one of these. In addition…so let’s go ahead, we have not opened any of these packages.
We received unsolicited packages in the mail. So let’s go ahead and start opening these packages, these presents that were sent by an individual whose also in this room right now and it should be noted that if this phony celebration and I say supported by this Council, Mr. Schaffer who was there who was participating and as such in my opinion being certain lawyers created a liability and part of this Council as the supported phony... Oh, here we go… party supplies is just one of the boxes. Here’s the invoice and it’s shipped to Gary Pastorella from, I think the court jester Mr. David Singer.
Thank you, Mr. Singer. All these items were shipped to my house. Now, it’s fine if you want to come at me, but when I have a wife and neighbors it should of be of concern to every one of you, but it doesn’t appear to be. Thank you for the fire engine okay. It should also be pointed out that we are in actual negotiations and we have reached out to the Dade County Fire Department and we will be meeting with the Fire Department to hopefully resolve this so that we can all have a celebration, but the childish and immaturity of this Council is beyond reproach. Now, thank you David. More presents from David. All these are from Mr. Singer. Each and every one of you __ it’s not even little funny. What else we got? More fire fighter stuff. Every one of you should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed to be living in Palmetto Bay that allows us to have… (background noise). I don’t think there’s any more to be said at this point
Mayor Flinn (Commenting): Thank you Fidel. Maybe we can make sure that those toys are donated to a children’s program or somewhere where they will be taken care of. Thank you. 

EDITOR'S UPDATE:  I have received numerous complaints that it is too difficult to scroll through the online village archive.  I am therefore presenting an excerpt below:

The entire page, Palmetto Bay News, page 7

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  1. I have a simple question to quite a few people, how can you ignore what he had said, done, and how can you igniter how he panders to every body? ? Areally you that gullible or naive, singer is bad news for this community