Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neighborhood Protection. A better, walkable neighborhood or do we prefer car dealships? Its a fair question for candidate David Singer.

Did David Singer involve himself in bringing a new car dealership to Palmetto Bay? This leads me to question his vision for Palmetto Bay's "Downtown" district.  General opinions very, but I have yet to hear the first person tell me how proud they are of how it looks.  I have yet to hear from the first person tell me that they proudly drive out of town relatives and guests through our existing downtown area as an example of a great Small Town USA area. Although maybe they do, if the friends or relatives are looking to purchase a new or used car from any of the large number of car dealerships located currently in our area.   

David Singer continues to deny any role in the Audi dealership.  ANY?  Come on David, you know better.  You love to spin e-mails, so I am posting e-mails involving you and the Audi dealership in order to provide the readers sufficient information so they can decide for themselves whether the Audi purchased happen on its own or how deep you were involved. 

And, let me also disclose that I am not against car dealerships, some have been outstanding partners to our village, generous in their donations and participation as well as working hard and being good neighbors.  The question is do we want to be know as being a "Car Dealership District" "Palmetto Bay Automall" anyone????

Or do we want a mix in the uses; including areas where we can travel for entertainment, restaurants, parks or even to work - as an alternative to traveling downtown?  The question is when do we have enough Car Dealerships - when do new dealerships stand in the way of realizing the goals of a balanced mix to properly complete our live, work, play community?

David Singer's own e-mail thread contradicts his continual denial of involvement in Audi.  The e-mails are between him, his development company and a recent suitor to Palmetto Bay (2014).  The e-mails reveal the facts. Read for yourself. 

And the impact of the Audi dealership purchase is already being felt in our community CLICK HERE to view the article in the Palmetto Bay News and its impact on local businesses:  Antique Mall Y’All is moving, but not far, by Gary Alan Ruse, Aug 18, 2016:
After being in the same location for almost 14 years, Antique Mall Y’All is moving south — not out of Palmetto Bay but just a third of a mile away. ...
Since the entire block has been sold not only will the antique mall be affected but also the building housing the law firm of Ludovici & Ludovici and a number of small merchants in shops on the north side of the property. An Audi car dealership will be taking its place.

I questions for Mr. Singer:
Please disclose whether any gratuities or financial assistance was paid/provided to any of these business to assist them with the relocation, either to cover relocation expenses or adjustment in rents or loss of business. Any payments? If not, why did you involve yourself in this transaction?

Have you promised them any zoning favors at hearing if you are elected? 

Will you recuse yourself form voting on this issue, given you apparent inside involvement?

There is another fair question to be answered here: How many additional car dealerships do we want or need in Palmetto Bay? What is the right number in our community?    


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