Sunday, September 25, 2016

$500,000.00 mortgage received by David Singer from a John Dubois Company. Does such a business relationship create a conflict between potiential council members?

Not many of us have a friend we can call upon to loan us one half of a million dollars.  David Singer does - and that friend is Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John Dubois.  The rest of us have to go to commercial banks, go through a credit and employment check, put up 20% and prove ability to repay - and face foreclosure if we default. 

And Wow, how many of us believe that a loan of $500,000.00 will not sway loyalties, that Mr. Singer will not be "indebted" to John Dubois in future votes that come before the council if both are elected in November?

CLICK HERE to view a well researched article posted on the EyeOnMiami blog back in June 6, 2012.  John Dubois appears to write loans to the politically connected.  We have a loan to a (now former) County Commissioner.  I see no other loans until he provides the $500,000.00 loan to David Singer, a potential future Palmetto Bay Council Member. 

This begs the question: Have any loans been ever been provided to non-political figures?  This is very interesting indeed.

Neither has spoken publicly or disclosed this relationship, but it is there, listed in the public records.  Perhaps there is nothing immoral or unethical, but is everyone comfortable with two potential council members having such a close business relationship?  $500,000.00 - that is a big favor.  Especially on what appears (and I could be wrong) a 100% mortgage of $500K on a home that is appraised by the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser at $356,947 in Assessed Value and $438,977 in Market Value. 

The effective date of the Mortgage is August 20, 2015.  I have not heard back from Mr. Singer as this note/mortgage has been paid back in full or if an extension has been extended - the $500,000.00 was used to purchase property at 8350 SW 146th Street, Palmetto Bay, FL on or about August 20, 2015. The mortgage and promissory note indicated that the mortgage is due (payment in full) on August 20, 2016.  We are now one month past that date - September 2016.  No word on payment in full and the property still appears to be for sale.  The Sales Information indicates that the Qualification / Description was "Forced sale; under duress; foreclosure prevention" (See JPEG of Property appraiser summary). 

This house is located in Mangowood, Palmetto Bay, Florida, and is presently used to display campaign signs for both John Dubois and David Singer in the upcoming election. 

The facts regarding the Mortgage/Promissory notes (information taken directly from the documents available/filed in the public records):  David Singer obtained a $500,000.00 one year balloon mortgage from REDINN MTG LLC - a John Dubois company on August 20, 2016 - see the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporation Records at - or view the .JPEGS of the corporate summary sheet below.

There are some fair questions for Mr. Singer:
1.  Please advise how you will avoid having such business dealing with Mr. Dubois color your interaction with him on the village council.
2. Have you paid this mortgage off? If not, then what consideration (or written agreement) has been provided to extend this mortgage beyond its original due date?
3.  Was this mortgage listed as a debt on your Form 1, part of your qualifying papers to run for office?  Why or why not as to listing it?
4.  Please list the extent of your business partnerships with John Dubois, Jeffery Leary or any company owned in full or in part by/with John Dubois.
5.  Why have you not seen fit to disclose any to these relationships to date to the voters?
6.  What have you promised Mr. Dubois which has resulted in Mr. Dubois not filing a lawsuit to foreclose on this $500,000.00 mortgage that appears to be more than one-month in default?  Has he served you with any legal notification or demand for payment?  If so, can you produce such notification?

I feel that we, the members of the public, have a right to know the extend of the business dealings/relationships between existing and/or with potential members of the Village Council.


  1. At the very least, it should have been disclosed. This is an ugly time for our Village.

  2. This mortgage was written almost a year before David Singer even announced that he was running for office in Palmetto Bay. Singer isn't even in political office, how could this show any sort of tendency to "write loans for the politically connected?"


    *any of these relationships (#5)
    *extent (last paragraph)

    1. I disagree - he was talking about running long before he officially "declared". At least I know now why he chose to run for District 2 and not Vice Mayor - you are certainly not going to run against a person who has $500K over your head.