Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elect Karyn Cunningham, Vice Mayor, Palmetto Bay

Elect Karyn Cunningham for Vice Mayor, Palmetto Bay!


  1. Where does Ms. Cunningham stand on the Palmer Trinity litigation? She has ominously left this critical issue out of her platform. It seems as if she is purposely hiding something. I could be forgiving if she came out and said that she was for it at first, but as it became more and more of a losing battle she would have backed off. Even better, it would be if she was outright against it from the start.

    Also, where does she stand on the ridiculous NPO?? These issues are very important to me as our council is now run by angry old crones who have no idea what it is to be neighborly and live with the occaisional minor inconvenience without having to legislate what time UPS can make deliveries on Saturday, whether Alexander Montessori can rent out his tennis courts, or whether a day care can operate in a shopping center. I am afraid, she comes across as more of the same because she won't take a stand against the incumbent who is a part of running our village into the ground.

  2. I met Karen and was very impressed with her. She will make a great vice mayor. She seems to have a common sense approach to her answers. She is not like a politician.

  3. I enjoyed meeting Karen. She has got my vote.